Lunch & After School Programs





The Youth Stars Quebec Dance Academy and its choreographers will spend one hour during the school lunch time or after-school and teach students a brief history of the genre of dance being taught, various dance techniques and choreography..


The Dance Quebec lunchtime and afterschool program are offered for one hour at the following rate per student for the following number of weeks.


  •  6 weeks = $75
  •  7 weeks= $85
  •  8 weeks= $90


Min: 10 students per group    Max: 17 students per group


*Number of weeks may be modified depending on the school’s needs





Students enrolled in either lunch or after-school programs will be able to present their dance routines in front of their family and friends on the last day of the program.





It will make your kids move and groove

Carnival Dance Party



The Carnival dance party is an interactive dance party for kids aged 4yrs – 12yrs.  We play the hottest musical hits and include, fun dance games that will make your kids move and groove.


female-dj-clipart-1OPTION 1:            


DJ 1 hr  $300


Our DJ brings your party alive and gets everyone moving!


OPTION 2:            

DJ /MC + 1 dancer 1 hr  $400


Our DJ/Mc and 1 dancers bring your party alive with animation by the DJ and the dancers doing the latest moves.


OPTION 3:               


DJ /MC + 1 dancers – 1.5 (9o min) hrs $500

Our team teach your kids a cool choreography and the latest dance moves.

Our DJ/Mc and 1 dancer bring your party alive with animation by the DJ and the dancers doing the latest moves. The kids will also follow along with a choreography.


This kind of event is great for daycare week, end of the year parties, graduations, and all your special events.


Contact Information:

To have Youth Stars’ Ped Day Camp, Carnival Dance Party and\or lunch or After-school dance programs at your school, please feel free to contact us at the following:



Andrea Fuzes

Program Manager

Youth Stars Foundation

Tel: 514-800-9746