Youth Stars Voices

We are in partnership with CLC Riverdale, West Island Chamber of Commerce, CJE West Island, & CLD West Island.

CLC Riverdale
West Island Chamber of Commerce
CJE West Island
CLD West Island

For information about the events organized by the Youth Stars Voices committee for the year 2013-2014, click here.

Youth Stars Voices

“An entertainment event production & financial literacy project “

Youth Stars Foundation in partnership with CLC Riverdale, West Island Chamber of Commerce, CJE West Island, & CLD West Island presents the Youth Stars Voices, an event production project that empowers youth by giving them the confidence and attributes that will be useful for their future endeavors. This project will help those involved learn valuable financial literacy information which will help them develop their personal finance, marketing and event production skills.

Participants in the project will involve 12 youth divided into 3 committees (marketing, production and finance/personnel), who will be creating an event from scratch that, when complete, will benefit and involve the community. This past February, the YSV committee did a film festival and raised $283 for the West Island Community Shares.  The great part about The Youth Stars Voices project is that it is developed by youth for youth! 

The project is open to youth in grades 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11 who are interested in event production & the entertainment industry. This project is open to all youth including those who may have difficulty integrating into high school student life and/or who may have some unease in social settings, to participate in this project. 

Participants will develop and learn the following skills:

·  Media Production (logo’s, web, posters, flyers, etc. )

·  Marketing  & Promotion                     

·  Accounting & Budgeting

·  Stage Production                                   

 ·  Project Planning and Design

                        ·  Interpersonal communication skills                               

The group meet once a week at Riverdale High school in Pierrefonds, between 3:30pm and 7:30pm to discuss ideas and work on production, marketing and financial literacy.This project is offered to youth in the West Island only.

For more information please call (514)800-9746 or email

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